Issue, Hold and Verify Smart COVID-19 Vaccine and Test Certificates
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The IMF estimates the global cost of COVID-19 in 2020 will total $28tn
The tension between public health, economic wellbeing and personal privacy is felt by every country
Our COVID-19 Mission
Support public health priorities and enable economic recovery while respecting people's privacy

Why is Smart Certification essential?

Smart Certificates use verifiable credential standards and are able to be issued, held, presented and verified in both paper and digital format.

  1. Ensure continuity of care with a portable health record verifiable by health workers anywhere

  2. Enable proof of vaccination or test status to help reopen economies and international travel

NewNorm uses verifiable credentials in a Self-Sovereign Identity platform that allows customers to build and deploy custom solutions without writing any code.

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With NewNorm™️, customers can implement secure, private and compliant solutions

Vaccine and Test Certification

  • Issued by a licensed health provider, held and presented by an identified individual, verified by hotels, airlines, employers, etc.

  • Works in low-resource and offline settings: App, SMS, email or paper

Back-end Management

  • Configuration, roll-out and management of the certification programme

  • Integration and interoperability with existing health infrastructure

  • Platform extensibility supports long-term digital health goals

Real-time data and feedback

  • Anonymized system-usage and user-contributed data supports decision making in current and future pandemics

NewNorm's platform enables customers to create goal-oriented mobile solutions where the user journey requires people and organisations to exchange verifiable information 
Mobile App

Experience goal-oriented and intuitive mobile journeys provided by the brands and organisations you trust and use

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Enterprise Dashboard

Create a detailed mobile journey for your people, integrate partners, issue and verify credentials, monitor and analyse system usage and segment users to send messages or promotions

Medical Dashboard

Register patients, order tests, issue test or vaccine certificates and integrate with electronic health or lab information management systems

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With ID document authentication, medical labs, contact tracing and proximity tracking solutions and epidemiological surveying

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Ecosystem Safety

Once a user has their Smart Certificate, interoperability standards ensure they can use it anywhere (borders, hotels, venues, offices, airlines, etc.)

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Vaccination Providers and Authorities

Get feedback on any side-or adverse-effects associated with a vaccination and anonymously aggregate insights without compromising user privacy

Build a COVID-safe and private ecosystem

People prove their COVID-status and fill surveys without revealing all personal information

Employers, travel hubs, hotels, restaurants and venues stay open safely and monitor population health while respecting user privacy and minimizing compliance costs

Healthcare organizations register, order and issue COVID-19 test results and vaccination certificates

Public health administrators and vaccine producers gain access to vital insights

How It Works
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Return to a new normal with enhanced privacy and security
No personally identifiable information (PII) is stored on NewNorm servers, cloud or blockchain. Users are in control of which organizations access their PII. All PII is shared peer-to-peer between parties and is encrypted in-flight and at-rest.
Case Studies
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Work & Study Safe

Get people back to working and studying safely with remote or on-site verification of COVID-19 status (symptom surveys, test or vaccination certificates).

NewNorm is used by schools and labs in the USA and actively deploying in Europe and Africa.

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Event Safe

Revive the events industry by verifying ticket, ID and COVID-19 information with a single, consent-driven scan using the App for employees and event attendees.

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Travel Safe

Reopen international travel with a Health Pass to enable compliance to local rules while meeting global best practices and standards.

NewNorm is built by ZAKA Group Ltd., which is a founding partner of the Good Health Pass Collaborative.

Medical Labs, Clinics & Pharmacies

Digitize the patient ID and test and vaccine registration workflow, order tests, issue health certificates as digitally signed and third-party verifiable credentials. Used by CLIA certified labs in the USA.

Institutions of any size sign up to NewNorm™️ with minimal risk
Immediately available to pilot or fully implement this solution with a flexible fee structure.